Re: Springs for hanging curtains

Sems I'm having trouble describing what I'm looking for. The "rod"
itself is nothing but a tightly coiled spring (about 5 or 6 mm diam.).
Cut the desired length and screw an eye bolt inside each end of the
spring. Fasten the spring to the wall with a screw through each eye
bolt, stretching it a little to keep it tight. Imagine using it to hang
a curtain over the rear window of a van. Something strictly cheap and
functional. Would only be used for light curtains.

cranky wrote:
lee houston wrote:
Years ago it was possible to hang curtains on springs. I'm not
talking about a rod with a spring inside it, but a stretchable
tightly-coiled spring that was screwed into a wall using an eye at each

Anyone know where to buy such springs?

Yes, they were quite common. Often used on doors.
mebbe like this?

It may not be pretty ,but I have used bungee cords, this way


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