Re: Thinset instead of Grout?

Both are portland cement plus sand. Thinset is hidden and so it
usually is composed of the cheapest grey portland cement. White or
colored grout uses white portland cement which is more expensive than
grey, it can be left white or tinted to any grout color. Since grout is
non-structural just about any cementitious base would suffice, unless
you are looking for decreased water permeability. So if it is the same
color, go ahead and use it but you MUST seal it.

Kyle Boatright wrote:
On very narrow joints, is there any reason I can't use thinset instead of

Since there is 10 lbs of thinset left in the bag, and it is the same color
as the grout I chose, I'm tempted.

Somebody stop me if this is a mistake...

Thanks in advance.