Re: What is holding formica top to kitchen cabinet?

"buffalobill" <wjohnston@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> maybe construction adhesive
More than maybe- on an eight year old house, anything BUT construction
adhesive would be unusual, especially by a chain builder. It is a major PITA
to install all those screws from below. I should know, as the kid on site
back when I worked construction, those were the type of duties I got stuck

As to how to remove- some stanley wonder bars, some blocks, a bigass mallet,
and lotsa luck. Start at a corner, tap a bar in till you can lever it enough
to get a block in, and then move down and repeat. Note that the blocks don't
have to be real big, just enough to put leverage on the next pry point. Odds
are you will destroy the counter (in case you were thinking of reusing it in
the basement or lake cabin), and end up with lumps of adhesive on the
carcass frames to scrape off. Good thing they are real wood cabinets, not
the chipboard crap. I've seen those fall apart if you torque on them too
hard. There will be some scarring on the cabinet top edges, but the new
countertop should hide it okay. If you get any splitouts, wood glue and some
touch-up finish before new top goes on should do the trick.

aem sends...


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