Re: CRT begins to display a "fuzzy" image ...

"Edwin Pawlowski" <esp@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> "Dominique MOREAU" <dominique.moreau@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Is it possible to adjust a computer monitor when the CRT begins to
>> display
>> fuzzy image that seems to be a kind of bad focus ?
>> (principally in the peripheral zones - center zone is still ok)
> Sounds like you need a new LCD monitor. You'll love it.

Two words, DELL 2001FP.

Seriously, sounds like a convergence problem.
Only the most expensive monitors will let you adjust it.
Find the manuals, or fool with the OSD (on screen display).
My experience is when a monitor starts going out of adjustment,
total failure is imminent.

If you spend any significant time in front of the screen
go for the flat panel.