Re: Blank Round Wall "Cover Plate" For Hiding Old Thermostat Hole: Where To Find ?

If it's for a round Honeywell thermostat, they're called a 6" round
decorative wall plate cover ring. Their part number 32005439-001 is taupe,
and replaces the obsolete 129044A. Their part number 50000066 is white. Don'
t know of any in tan.

"Robert11" <rgsros@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello:
> This is one of those really dumb things, but have been trying to find
> something suitable for months now, and can't seem to.
> Have also done extensive searching on the web, but perhaps I am using the
> wrong buzz words ?
> Think it would be easier to find the Holy Grail.
> Anyway, I have an opening in my plaster wall with some unused wires that
> one time had a furnace thermostat there.
> I would like to cover the opening to neaten it up.
> What I need is a Blank plastic (almond color) "cover plate" of approx.
> inches in diameter, with perhaps two holes spaced along a diameter for
> holding it in place (I'd use some of those small plastic inserrts to hold
> the screws in the plaster).
> I'd even settle for one if it had a small round hole in the center.
> I had one like this in my older house that was used for feeding some phone
> wires thru a wall opening neatly, but have never seen it offered again
> anywhere.
> I thought perhaps some telephone accessory stores, or HD, or someplace on
> the web, might have something, but no luck.
> Lots of blank rectangular ones, but no round ones.
> If anyone can suggest a source, I would be most appreciative.
> Thanks,
> Bob