Re: Poulan Chainsaw Won't Oil Bar And Chain

"Ron" <BigELilE05@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I have a Poulan 1950 LE Woodshark that is not oiling the bar and chain.
> I drained out the oil, checked the screen, (which was clean) took off
> the side cover that holds the bar and shot WD-40 thru the hose's that
> run back to the reservoir to make sure they weren't blocked. (WD-40
> flowed freely)
> I also cleaned the oil holes and the grove in the bar.
> Then I reassembled the saw, filled it with oil, ran it, with no signs
> of oil flowing onto the bar/chain.
> Then I ran it with the side cover off and w/o the bar, no oil flowing
> from the port/tube.
> The saw is only a yr old and I've only made about 100 cuts with it,
> what could be the problem?
> It's obvious to me that the oil isn't being pumped, is this a common
> problem with Poulan or did I just get a lemon?
> And, is this an easy fix?

It is an easy fix. Just buy a new oil pump and install it.

You can order from your parts diagram or at any parts place.

Why did it fail? I can't say but a new pump solved my problem after I had
done all the things you have done.