Re: electrode adjustment on oil burner

Not sure of the nozzle assembly front/back adjustment, but a lot of those
old burners were 5/8" from the surface of the end cone, to the tip of the
It's possible to set the electrodes by eye, but it's better to use a gauge.
If the guy set them by eye and it fired up for a year without a problem,
then my guess is that he knew what he was doing.
I don't think Delco burners have been made for a long time. Did they ever
tell you that you needed a new heater, and that a new one would pay for
itself in 2 to 3 years? At the current price of oil, you could put a new
heater on your credit card and still save a lot of money.
If it's a hot water boiler, and you can't afford a new heater, then they can
install a new flame retention burner that would also save you money. You
can't put a flame retention burner in most old hot air furnaces.

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> > The distance from the nozzle tip out to the electrode tips should be
> > The electrode gap (width between the two) should be 1/8"
> > The distance the electrode tips should be from center of nozzle is 7/16"
> > But I suspect you've got more problems than that. Nobody just decides
> > are going to clean oil burner electrodes for the heck of it, and dirty
> > electrodes alone will not cause a burner to malfunction unless you have
> > carbon build up, which is an indication of other problems.
> Thanks for the info, Bob.
> You're right; I had some trouble. The furnace starting acting up a few
> ago; rumbling and quitting. I replaced the nozzle and took a look at
> things. The electrodes looked quite worn so I dressed them a bit. I also
> found that one of the leads from the transformer rubs on the oil line to
> nozzle, explaining why I seem to have a malfunction every winter requiring
> me to call the local heating people. (I live in a very small town with
> heating oil company). The insulation eventually burns through at this
> point, shorting the system and killing the furnace.
> I'm glad I decided to take a look at it myself instead of just calling the
> repair guy this time.
> The last time I watched the repair guy working on my furnace, I noticed he
> didn't use any gauges or special tools... he set the position of the
> electrodes and points (and the other variables) by eye, and I knew that
> probably wasn't a good thing.
> I notice there is another adjustment for the depth of the nozzle assembly
> into the firebox. The hole where the attaching screw goes is slotted; it
> looks to have an adjustment range of about 3/4" or so. I have it centered
> right now. There is also an adjustment on the blower vents.
> I either need to learn how to service the whole unit (which I'm sure I'm
> capable of with the right tools and information) or find a more competent
> service provider....
> Thanks again,
> Bob