Re: How often should a gas furnace cycle?

It's really a comfort vs. economy thing. The more a system cycles on and
off, the less the temperature will fluctuate. A lot of thermostats are
adjustable. On some of the new electronic thermostats, you need to go into
the 'installer setup'. If you do, and get something wrong, you could be
looking at a service call.

"Tony" <none@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I just had a new furnace and AC installed. The job was done very well. The
> new furnace is a two stage that puts out 84,000 BTU at the high stage. I
> live in a two story home that's 22 years old in the Mid-Atlantic area.
> is reasonably well constructed: basement, no noticeable drafts, well
> insulated, approx 2300 sq.ft. With the thermostat set to 67F and the
> temp outside of ~40F, the furnace is cycling about 3-4 times per hour to
> maintain the inside temp. What I can't tell yet is whether it's cycling
> entirely in first stage only, or going to the second stage. Having said
> does it seem like this is a correct rate for cycling?