Re: Best way to tear lawn out?

"Em" <nospamblam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> My lawn is a weed infested disaster.
> I will tear it out and start over.
> Should I till it or use a sod cutter to get the lawn out?
> Should I kill it first with roundup?
> Other advice?
> I prefer answers from somebody who has tried it.
> Thx.
> -Em

So why tear out the lawn? A couple broad leaf weed killer applications then
change to more specialized killers.

When I moved into this house I had weeds that were 2.5 feet high. Took a
week with the lawn mower to get the lawn down to 4 inches high. I then
sprayed broad leaf killer on it. I have dead areas but the grass is filling
in nicely. Keep it watered between chemical applications. Grass can choke
out a lot of stuff that might be growing now.