Re: Pool Diatomaceous Earth Disposal

"Pop" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> ...
> : >I used to drain to the sanitary sewer but got tired of running
> the
> : >hose that far (125 feet) so started just back washing into my
> back
> : >yard grass. It doesn't leave any white spot or anything to
> speak of
> : >and a minute with a garden hose takes care of the brownish
> backwash
> : >material that is visible. Been doing that for 10 years with
> no
> : >problems.
> :
> : That seems to me to be more earth friendly.
> : thanks.
> :
> Actually it's supposed to be good for the lawn since the tiny
> shells hold water for the turf, plus DE kills off grubs and other
> things like that. DE is specifically recommended for grub
> control, in fact.
> Just my 2 cents

I was wondering about that. I had heard that DE is good to get rid of
crawly bugs by spreading the powder around.

My comments about the white spots came from places where it had gotten on
concrete and walkways, so I thought it might do the same thing to the lawn.
It doesn't really stain it, just lays there and turns white when it dries

Some things are actually good for lawns, like some soaps. They help with
insect control. So, I was wrong about the DE hurting the lawn.



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