Sovtek Mig 50H (Midget 50 head)

Holy smokes! This is a killer amp - small size but heavy little thing.
Huge transformers in here (as big as or maybe bigger than the old
Mesa/Boogie Mark I, II, III series). Translates into a huge sound
with as much thump (I mean clear, clean thump bottom end) as you
would ever need. Nice mids and just a smooth but present top end.

Pair of 6L6's and simple control layout (Volume, Master Volume
and Bass, Mid, Treble and 'Presence' knob). Signal goes through
the 2 volumes then onto Bass -> Mid -> Treble -> Presence

single channel amp although it has 2 separate inputs for
choosing whether to play through the High or low input.
Kinda sounds Marshally to me on the High input and Fender bassman/JTM 45
on the low input. Supposed to be around 50 watts output but it seems
to be a lot more when it gets cranked up.

pair of 6L6 and three preamp tubes ( what's in there now is V1 and V2
are 5751's and the V3 phase inverter is 12ax7). Speaker outs are
4 - 8 - 16 ohm so that covers any sort of cab. Has Line out but I don't
bother since when needed, I just mic up the cab.

Anyways - an amazing sounding amp with more than enough puunch and crunch
(and big fat cleans on the low input) to play anywhere. Even hooked into
a 1x12 cab this thing can get loud - and just keeps sounding better the more
you crank it up. It's a deceptive amp head - small size - huge sound
and it's as heavy (or heavier) than many 'full sized' heads.
It's easy to get this thing dialed in although you have to dedicate whether
you want to dial in on High or Low since there's no channel switching.

Ok well I am really impressed with this amp.
I got it for cheap (part of a trade) and I know you could
spend a lot more and get a lot less (with trade, etc it cost me around $325 US).

I took out the chassis and it seems well built (all the controls have
flying leads to them and someone already replaced the stock plastic jacks
with metal jacks). Looks like a turret board and leads out to controls.
tube mounts are on the chassis and not into board. I am not an amp tech
so I'm not certain whether it's tech approved construction but this amp
as heavily gigged before I got it and it's working fine so it should work
good since t's been 'road tested' already.

ok. well thought I would mention about this amp because it's a real
find for me that I did not expect to happen and am really happy the
deal went through and I have it now. I mean for $300 or so I don't
think you could anything near this good in current production, Guitar Center.. etc
for this price.