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From those tunes, the Beatles "Boys" wasnt' much of a stretch since
basically a surf-style solo. Then I sort of aped George Harrison
for a
years. "I Saw Her Standing There" was a good one to learn; it
George's early style.

At that point in the Beatles recording, was George allowed to
overdub his solos, or were they recorded live along with the rest
of the track?

I'm not sure, but I think that at the time of that tune's recording
they were still doing two-track, plus I think they and George Martin
wanted to
capture a live feel on that song so they all played together. If I'm
I'm sure someone will correct me :-)

Given all the flak George got from that one guy about his terrible
playing in the early days, I always thought the solo to that song
was pretty hot (for the time period)

You mean Geoff Emerick? He didn't like George, and I think you have
to take
what he says about George with a grain of salt.

George really wasn't the sort to improvise a great solo, he was the
type and worked through them bit by bit until he liked what he had.
I empathize with that, I'm more-or-less the same way. But it
sometimes frustrated Paul, and Emerick liked Paul so the feeling
rubbed off.

And yeah, it's a good solo!

well, this is probably herecy, but I always liked most of Georges
solos, and never really liked any of Pauls. I know, I know, Taxman,
but even that one, I didnt really like it all that much.

Me either, actually. Paul had sort of a frantic style that worked well
a couple of songs but for the most part his playing doesn't appeal to
me all
that much.

I do like the bits that Paul, George, and John alternate on in "The
End". The stylistic contrast is appealing to me.

Supposedly Paul and George (some say John and George but I doubt it)
the dual lead part on "And Your Bird Can Sing" together. I like that
one a
lot but I don't know who came up with its melody lines.

Other than those, I can't think of a single solo that Paul played with
the Beatles that appeals to me.

which ones did Paul play? I have to admit, I knew agbout Taxman, but I
always thought George did most of the guitar solos.

On electric, some of the other ones are "Back in the USSR", "Helter
Skelter", "Another Girl", "Good Morning, Good Morning", and "Ticket To
Ride" (not the 12-string bits, those are George). Some solos, some

But George did do most of the solos. John had a few interesting ones,
like the first solo in "Long Tall Sally" (the second solo is George).

Abbey Road. Golden Slumber melody. I'm pretty sure i read that they all
played lead tracks in it.

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