Re: GAS story

jimmy <bigtoehere@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yesterday I picked up a Traynor YCV80Q 4x10 Combo Tube Amp. It was
advertised as in excellent condition. The guy wanted $400 & I beat
him down to $280. They retailed somewhere around $900. He's moving
today and didn't want to ship it, understandably. Anyway, I tried it
out quickly and it sounded very nice. I took it straight to the jam
place where I quickly discovered that some of the tone pots were
stripped. They would work but it was really fussy. Me and my
electronically inclined lead guitar player took it apart and found the
worst, shittiest quality pots imaginable. I'm embarassed to say it
was made in canada. I called the guy back and he said no problem,
he'd give me my $$ back. I drove to his place today and sure enough,
no problem, got my $$.

LESSON: check gear out thoroughly when buying used. He could have
just as easily said "too bad, so sad". I feel lucky today.


maybe traynor changed their production throughout the years
of offering that YCV80 model. But I can tell you that the
YCV50 Blue that I had was made well and had good full size pots
(I don't think they were CTS but seemed to be quality and had
that nice feel when you turned them and looking at them directly
- I took out the chassis to have a look - they had the typical
opening in the pot where, if needed, you could spray contact cleaner
to fix any scratchy pots.. etc. The wiring in there also seemed
very neat and tidy (although I am not an amp tech it is not too hard
to discern a rats nest from neat and well done wiring).
The caps looked like quality (hard to tell but they were practically
the same as the big blue ones that mesa/boogie uses on their amps)
and the amp never had any problems at all.

So maybe Traynor cheaped out later on into production on those YCV models (??)
But the YCV50 Blue was a quality amp. (ok. small snit here - the location
of the tubes for replacement could have been better thought out but that's
a minor snit actually - at least they were not hanging down within an easy
poke or kick to knock them out or break them)