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how slow my computer would be if it *didn't* keep boning up on weekly
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool updates...useless POS.


Kaspersky is no trouble at all.

I have been really happy with this:
My online "machine" is an XP Mode VM.
If it gets crufty, you can either go back
to a "snapshot" or just build a new one.

Also, try Eusing Free Registry Cleaner,
and Revo Uninstaller.

Les Cargill

I'm looking at going Win7 (from XP) sooner than later.

It's very good except for two things: legacy
software ( pre-Win32 stuff ) and sharing. of
course, I could not find a 32 bit computer these days,
and Win7 Home is about the only choice there is.

I just need to
consolidate all my audio stuff from my Kristal& Mixcraft DAW's,
because I don't think they're compatible (Kristal isn't, at least).

That is what set me on to using VMLite in the first place. VMLite will
not support your PCI cards if you have any; you will need 64 bit drivers
on Win7. I run N-Track on Win7 and only use the VM for an old
16 bit sequencer. That's in one VM; I'd mentioned the "Internet
sandbox" VM.

The only other thing about Win7 is that I cannot get it to serve files at all. It will not allow other computers to access shares. There is a
software package that fixes this; it's $30, but I refuse to spend
money for what should work in the first place. I just USB hoofnetted
everything to the old computer after cleaning it off.

There are other virtualization solutions, but VMlite seems
the easiest. They've also got a multi-boot solution called
VBoot, but I haven't managed to make that work yet.

I also had some limited dll hell - one suite of plugins would not
install period because it depends on 32 bit dlls that are
now 64 bit. They work fine on the music VM.

My wife's home business workstation was upgraded to one late last year
& it seems leaner& meaner. I've been thinking of ditching the
freebie Norton Suite that we get from Comcast& using Kaspersky on
the new one.

I have not used Norton in years. It caused a rebuild, and that was the
end of that.


Les Cargill