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Steven Tyler....can't think of the words to describe his looks.

He looks like my mother looked, only with a dark wig.

And Rubber Plant. He's almost transmogrified into a J.R. R. Tolkien

The most dramatic effects of drugs/alcohol/partying and age were Grace
Slick and Keith Richards. I can't think of a proper description for
Richards either.  

Live Fast, Die Young and Leave a Pretty Corpse

I once heard someone say that Keith's face looked like a "prune's
wallet". That's an image provoking comment if I've ever heard one.
Hey . . . there are a lot of old junkies . . . but not too many old
meth heads. All the Stones have put in some rough miles and it
shows. The road is hard and it goes on forever.

Lulu ; )

Robin Williams (H2O addict) riffing on Keef -