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i'll check it out tomorrow.

Let us know what you think.
You said you could get one for $350. I'm actually surprised what the
Danos are going for these days.
When I was buying mine, you could get a nice used one off of eBay for
like $80. Maybe $150 if you wanted to pay a lot.
Now they're going for three, four, even five hundred dollars.
They're not making as many Danos these days (I don't think they even
make a 12 string now), so maybe some rarity is coming into play.

Talking about the chiminess, aren't Rickenbacker 12s strung
"backwards", with the lighter string on top of the string pairs, which
supposedly results in a more chimey sound?
Regardless, I find the Danos give satisfying chime.

Rikis are indeed strung that way, and it makes them a little brighter -
downstrokes, there's a little more emphasis on the octave string
not 'hidden' from the pick by the lower string.

The Fender Electric XII nut is cut exactly the same way (it's the nut
which makes the difference, of course), with the higher string of the
octave pairs located above the fundamental string, meaning that you hit
the octave first on a downstroke.

The only 12-strings I've ever played which have the octave string below
the fundamental string are the Danelectros.

There seems to be some confusion here (mostly Patrick's, unless I
misunderstand his terminology).

A Rick 12 is strung so the the first string you hit on the downstroke is
lower-pitched of the pair.

If I understand you correctly (sometimes "above" and "below" can be
confusing), what you're really saying is that the Dano is strung like a

I've got a Ric 360/12 (which I checked before posting just so I wouldn't
make a fool of myself) and verified that, yes indeed, the Ric is strung
way. In contrast, all the other 12 strings I have played (and I haven't
played all of them by any means) are strung so that you hit the OCTAVE
(higher-pitched) string first on the downstroke. My Fender acoustic 12 is
strung that way (again, I just checked), so it makes sense that the XII is
strung the same way.- Hide quoted text -

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AFAIK the Ric is the only 12 with the Octave following the fundamental
string thing It's really the key to the 'Ric 12 sound'. I have changed
nuts on some customer's 12s to make them more ric-like & it really

My favorite 12 string is my old 60 something Hagstrom. The one that
sort of looks like an SG. It's a little neck heavy but has the widest
fingerboard, like a classical guitar! You can shred on it & never flub
a note. My Strat XII & any Ric I've ever played can't hold a candle to
that old Hag!

if it sounds good...IT IS GOOD!

i played one of those hagstrom many years ago. they are very sweet.