Re: When good tone arrives

On Fri, 6 Aug 2010 09:59:20 -0700 (PDT), Grip <mbetts@xxxxxxxxxxx>

On Aug 6, 8:35 am, "The Interceptor" <thisaddr...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ever have a moment when you suddenly have good tone out of the same old
gear?  Tonight my Keeley modified Boss DS-1 was the happening thing for some
reason.  Maybe it was because I'd bumped the tone up to 12 o'clock or
something, but whatever, just a rip-roaring tone from the trusty Les Paul
through the Fender HRD.  Not too over the top but just right for some tasty
riffs.  And to think that I'd been ignoring it for a little while now.

Of course, tomorrow, it (the tone) will be gone, and I'll think that I need
some new gear.


And I thought I was the only one!!! Happens all the time, I put
something aside only to later in frustration "dig deeper" into a
effects device + amp combination, to get a "WOW I had no idea" moment
that often lasts a few weeks at best.
Doing it now with a vintage Marshall and Pro Reverb and yellow jacket
converters. Also with learning to properly use my effects loops in my
Boogie and Tech21 Trademark.....right now I'm in love with.....
Trademark 60 4X10 combo w\ 20 year old 35 watt celestions, pod XT into
effects loop.....go figger! :-)

I get those moments sometimes too... then i take the "new" pedalboard
to band rehearsal and its the instant "Oh. Well that isnt going to
work" revelation

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