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IMHO this is the greatest white-guy blues guitar performance ever.
(Willie Dixon on bass IIRC...)

Simply staggering.

"This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no
longer available in your country."

(referring to USA, apparently.)

Really? Oh, sorry about that. I get that some from some US sites, regional shit.

Johnny Winter - "Be Careful With a Fool".


"Let's roll!"

Can't get the video, But I agree that Johnny Winter was electrifying.
I saw him at SXSW a few years back and he wasn't himself... I don't
know if it was a temporary setback or not.

I have always told poeple touting SRV that he couldn't tote Jonhnny's
jock-strap. I still feel that way. Johnny could put the chills down
your neck with his energy& talent. SRV bored me to tears. I walked
out on SRV once when he& Beck were touring together. Thank God Jeff
played 1st that night.

"Was"? I wasn't aware that he died?