Re: Squier CV 62 Tele test

Mark Bedingfield wrote:

Your idea of high priced Squiers may not be the same as others. $2500au
will get a new MIA Strat over here, a high end Squier is anything over
$500au usually. Big difference for not much difference.

That's just retarded. Here we have to climb over piles of them to get
to the decent guitars. You are DEFinitely confusing the price you pay
with how good/great/not-so-good/downright awful a guitar is or can be.

There are great Yankee Fenders, I own four of them currently and
dozens in my life, and not so great Yankee Fenders that I've also
owned a bunch of. There are pretty good Squiers, I own one now, and
absolutely dreadful Squiers, I can take you around the corner from
here and bet you 1000 dollars you won't find a decent one in that


In the Glory Days of Mars Music they had literally THOUSANDS of
Epiphones in their store here, I mean it. You would go in there and
pick up the curren hottie one of which was a see thru black Joe Perry
Les Paul and the salesdroids would swarm over and gleefully show you
three or four Epiphones you could buy for the price of that one Joe
Perry. Seriously. It was awful. In the end, they choked on all that
crap because a good guitar is a good guitar, and a not good one isn't,
no matter how cheap it is.

I often wonder if the Squiers are going to be so sought after in
twenty years, what will the REALLY good ones be? Worshipped? Sent to
space to keep them safe?

Remember, twelve guitars in my house, one is a Squier that I record
and love. But if you were in there and had yer choice, it would be
last I'm sure.


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