Re: Well Hell Has Frozen Over

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Well Hell has finally frozen over. Yesterday I bought a Gibson Les Paul that
I not only like but that I can afford.

Never thought that could ever happen in my life time.

The Long & McQuade store here in Vancouver which is the exclusive seller of
Gibson's in Canada is making April Gibson month and so they are making
special perks to sell Gibson's. The biggest perk is offering up to 3 year
financing on Gibson's. This has never been offered before. I guess the bad
economy is forcing Gibson to try harder to sell their super expensive

Anyways I thought this may be my best chance to finally get one I thought so
I made sure I was their before opening time. I went their and was the first
person in the store. I am friend with the store manager and we talked the
day before and because I like the Gibson slim 60's neck profile he steered
me to a now discontinued classic antique les paul with that profile and 57
classic pickups that are my favourite pickups. It is an antique sunburst
with AA maple top.

Then because it is discontinued model he was able to slash hundreds of
dollars off the price. It was the only one of that model left in the store.

Anyways payments will be less than 60 dollars a month.

Xmas came early to this house this year.

Congrats! Looks real nice. What kind of pups?

It comes with Gibson 57 classics. They are the best pickups I think Gibson makes. They are alnico 2 PAFS and even carry the paf sticker on the back of the pickups. I much prefer them over any other pickup Gibson makes including burstbucker pros which is what the Les Paul standards now come with.

FWIW, my first guitar was a bolt-on LP knockoff under the name El
Degas, MIJ by Ibanez. Still the most effortless neck I've ever
played, probably no more than a 9" radius. Narrow, but kinda
rounded. I still have it and play it (after 30 years), but it looks
like it's screaming for a refret. It almost plays itself!

Many happy returns on the new addition, Lee!

Yes she is now getting set up so I'll pick her up on the 15th.