Re: Tuck & Patti - Castles Made Of Sand/Little Wing

On 02 Apr 2010, LULU <lulupakalolo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in alt.guitar:

Tuck & Patty Andress working out on a pair of Hendrix standards.
They always get to the heart and soul of a tune. Tuck is as
gifted as guitarists come! Nice job!

I love these guys. They're so real.

I had the pleasure of seeing the a few years ago in a club so tiny that
I was seated literally *under* Tuck's guitar neck. Can't hardly get any
closer than that! Tuck was playing this odd solidbody travel guitar
instead of his big hollowbody. They came out on stage with this crate,
which when opened up had their complete vocal and guitar amplification
and monitoring system in it. When they were done, everything folded up
in the box in about 5 minutes and they were ready to hit the road! It
could all have fit in the back seat of a Volkswagen, and it sounded