Re: Sending guitar to England

On 2010-03-02, jtees4 <jtees4@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
...from the US. I'm thinking of breaking one of my rules and selling a
guitar to someone in England. Has anyone done this? What is the best
shipping method, and how do I protect myself? I'm wondering if PayPal
is protection enough in a case like this. Any good or bad experiences
from you folks?

When I sold my lap steel, I hadda ship cross country. My bad
experience was taking it to those small mailbox/shipper chain stores.
Prices jes for packing were outrageous. Eighty dollars for cardboard
and bubble wrap!! Screw that.

I went down to Home Depot and bought some lumber and screws (1"x8" and
3/8" ply). Building a coffin shaped box was brain dead simple (if you
don't have pwr screwdriver and pwr saw, borrow/rent 'em) and it was so
sturdy I could jump up and down on it (me 250lbs). Packed with 4"
cushion foam, above and below guitar, it was bullet proof. Cost: $40

The shipping scare: My first attempt got lost by USPS. I was freaking
and about to file insurance claim, but came home on day 30 to find the
crate on my porch, none the worse for wear. Whew! I'm sure it was
because I put the shipping address on paper which I heavily taped to
the crate. Still, no doubt it got tore off en route by rough
handling. Finally went with UPS (buyer was pissed, but antsy and
willing to pay) and this time I put addresses directly on crate wood
with magic marker. My ebay buyer's response was, "A+++ best packing
I've ever seen.

I have no experience shipping overseas, but I suspect the
possibilities for loss and/or damage are even greater. Spend the
money and time on solid packing. Also make sure it's insured.
Shipping the heavier package will cost a bit more, but the peace of
mind is worth every cent.