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I've tried a few tuner aps, mostly free, but none of them seemed to
work as good as Cleartune. When I bought it about 6 months ago it was
5 bucks I think and worth every penny. I wouldn't use it for gigs,
but I always have my phone with me, and consequently, a tuner as well..
lab~rat >:-)
Do you want polite or do you want sincere?

I have something called Guitar Toolkit ($10) that has a serviceable
tuner as well as chord and scale diagrams and a metronome. Very handy.

I just bought three more iPhone apps to go with my music:
1.)  iRealBook... the Real Book, on iPhone!  Crazy!  Now if I
    only knew the tunes...
2.)  7 Chords... great chord app, lets you hear the chord, spells
    it out by string.
3.)  Metronome... for the times when we're too fast, or slow.

Oh, and picked up Noby Noby Boy for the phone... man,
thass some crazy shit!

iRealBook? OOoh I do so hate temptation.