Re: Buffer Into A Fuzz Face

"Mr. Green" <cliff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
The buffer in the boss bypass circuit prevents the low input impedance
of the FF from loading your pickups in the same way. Hendrix put his
FF after a wah and an Octavia.

Unbypassed wah is a known tone-suck factor... was his wah
bypassed? Not sure about Octavia... but most of the non-
op-amp effects back then were true bypass (the wah being a
notable exception).

Hendrix might have actually had a buffered FF... his stuff
was heavily massaged. The good thing is that his tech is
still alive... ask Eddie K!

AFA what works... if it works for you, it works. I own a
Vox baby Brian May practice amp with a supposed clone
of the BM treble booster in it (Rangemaster?)... when I
buffer into it (using an off Boss pedal) it sounds way
crappier... too bright and spangly-crunchy; the meat happens
when there's *no* buffer in the way... the loading attenuates
the highs, a known fact.