Re: Harrison's "Give Me Love" with lap steel

RichL wrote:
As I have mentioned here before, I picked up a cheap lap steel a couple
of months ago, and I postponed really learning to play it until

I had this idea of doing a cover version of George Harrison's "Give Me
Love", and I thought it would be a natural for the lap steel, so that
gave me some incentive to get busy!

Anyway, I've been working on this song for the past few weeks and
finally got it finished.

Purists will note that t's not a carbon copy, there are a number of
intentional variations from the original, notably dropping the piano
part and replacing it with another guitar part. Also, the bass part
doesn't attempt to replicate the original but tries to be true to the
song's "spirit". But I did attempt to reproduce the original
(two-track) slide part.

Comments and criticisms welcome!

Tough song, isn't it? ":)