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I don't think its really correct to call that type of p-up an
"alnico"....all Gibbo p-ups use alnico magnets save for the 498/500T
and the import junk they put in the Sonex. They must have a proper
term for it

The Alnico V pickup was designed in 1952 by engineers Seth Lover and
Walt Fuller. Distinguished by its rectangular pole pieces and stronger
magnets, the new unit succeeded the proven P-90 pickup used on several
Gibsons, notably the 1952 Les Paul Standard. The main difference is
that this pickup uses 6 individual AlNiCo V polepieces instead of a
single bar magnet. Each Alnico V pickup has one coil with 10,000 turns
of 42-gauge wire and individual height-adjustment screws for each pole
piece. This type was used (in the rhythm position only) on the 1954 to
mid-1957 Les Paul Custom, also known as the "Fretless Wonder" or
"Black Beauty." I think that Lindy Fralin makes a repro of the Alnico
V with round, cylinder shaped pole pieces instead of the rectangular
poles that were used on the originals. I have no idea how close the
Fralin's sound to the original Alnico V's.

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