Re: Speaking of Tone Heaven

Spender <Spender@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 13:59:31 -0500, "RichL" <rpleavitt@xxxxxxxxx>

Too Long in the Wasteland <too@xxxxxxx> wrote:
If you can't find your tone with these many knobs you never will ..

All that hardware and still limited to the Strat set of pickup
selections. What a waste.

It looks like it's a volume and tone for each pickup, with a master
volume at the bottom. I can see how some tweakers would find that

Maybe, but still you can't get bridge + neck pickups together or all

Or maybe the theory is similar to Bill Cosby's Philco radio with 400
knobs. Only one knob actually did anything - the rest were extras in
case that knob broke.

Heh...that line was at the beginning of "The Chicken Heart", one of my
favorite Cosby routines.