Fender 1984 Japan Strat "buzzing"

Awhile back I asked for advice on this guitar, and ended up buying it.
I have posted here many times about being a Gibson guy, but always
wanting to find a Strat I could love. I've owned a bunch over the
years and could never bond with one.
This one is different. It's funny but the Fender type 1 bridge in
combo with the locking thing (not really a nut) really works well,
finally a Fender bridge that works, and the guitar stays in good
tune...and that's with a really nice floating bridge.
This guitar also sounds incredible, better than any strta I've ever
had for sure.
I still have single coil hum issues, and the guitar is fairly quiet in
pos 2 and 4...which works for me.
I have one question though...other than the single coil hum...I do get
some "electric buzzing" when not touching the bridge (fairly hard). I
know this is fairly common with strtas, this seems like a little more.
The ground seemed fine, and it's definitely tied to the bridge
correctly too. Any ideas on this?
Anyway, this may finally be my Strat. It plays better than any I've
ever touched, sounds better too. It's funny that I ended up with an
"oddball" Strat and that's the one I ended up liking.
I also like the fact that it is basswood (I think) and it is much
lighter thatn other strtas I've had too.