Re: Orange Tiny Terror - WOW!

On 08 Nov 2009, "Stephen Cowell" <stephenleeNOSPAMcowell@xxxxxxxxx>
wrote in alt.guitar:

As long as you don't wany *any* sparkle, you're
fine. One-trick-pony, IMO.

I agree, the Tiny Terror didn't have a very nice clean sound when I
tried it out. Didn't care much for the cranked sound either, but I
think that could be coaxed into obedience.

However, I love love LOVED the Orange Rocker series amps. Bright cleans
to die for, and they overdrive beautifully. I really want one, but I
can't quite bring myself to pay the going price, which seems high for a
Chinese-made circuit-board amp. I may talk myself into it some day.