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My first and only acoustic guitar is an upgraded inexpensive guitar. I
put in a new nut, new tuners, a new saddle and new strings. No big
deal, but it sounds a lot better, except for one thing! The 5th string
buzzes when I use a capo, and the one piece I want to learn on this
one guitar requires a capo on the second fret. I have checked the nut,
and for the 5th string, it is as perfect as I could get it, and far
better than any other guitar I have. I have worked on the saddle, and
it is again as good as I can get it, a nice bone saddle, FWIW. I
raised the action a bit, and it still buzzes. Tried a different capo,
buzz city. Only the 5th string does this, everything else is OK, not
great mind you, but it works.

So I figure maybe it's the string itself...but...could it be something

Dumb question, did you put a straight edge on the frets?  Maybe one is
a little higher near the 5th string.
lab~rat  >:-)
Do you want polite or do you want sincere?

The question isn't dumb to me. The frets are leveled. I put them in
myself and leveled them (about as difficult as making ice cubes,
FWIW). No way that's the problem. Even if it were, raising the strings
up a bit would have countered that.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Well- at least you know it's not the nut slot...UNLESS...could it
be how the capo clamps? You've probably tried fretting at the second
fret and plucking the string...still a buzz? It HAS to be one high
somewhere-- that'd be fun to PLEK eh? Anyway, you even raised the
action and it's still there- that's why I thought perhaps the problem
be w/ THE weakest link, the capo- if not, perhaps try lifting the
then swipe a pencil tip back and forth beneath it-- insert a sheet of
paper beneath the string and pluck hard.... the paper might reveal a
slight contact point which your eye can't see--- let us know what
you find! Good luck.

I gave the thing with the graphite and the paper a try, and found an
issue with the 4th fret. It comes out level no matter how I look at it
though, 3rd, 4th and 5th frets nice and equal and everything else nice
and equal...but I did shave a tad off the 4th fret to see what would
happen (I have lots of fretwire, so even if I ruin it, the experience
is worth it to me). I string it back up and the buzzing is worse! Now
this is somewhere I have been before, ("fix" the fret and the buzzing
is worse) and I really should have seen it in this case, but I'm just
an amateur hack with this sort of thing (and do appreciate the advice
I get from people who know better). In any event, a minor trussrod
adjustment could do the trick, loosen it just a bit to let the neck
bow a hair more and I could be OK. Problem is this "inexpensive"
guitar doesn't have an adjustable trussrod (perhaps no trussrod at all
for all I know). So I raised the strings a bit more at the saddle, and
it solved the problem. The guitar is a little tougher to play, but it
doesn't buzz any more.

In any event, thanks for the tip about the graphite and the paper. It
goes into the guitar repair info file!


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