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I saw Ian Anderson last night in Phoenix, AZ at the Dodge Theater.
He's currently on the western U.S. leg of his solo acoustic tour.  It
was a lot of fun.  Great musicians and a wonderful selection of tunes
which spanned his career with Jethro Tull, as well as, his solo
efforts.  Some of the tunes drew on Hindu and Persian music and there
was the usual Bach influence throughout.  Hard to believe that he's
been at this for over 40 years now.  I really think that Anderson was
having the most fun of anyone either onstage, or in the audience.

Lulu : )

I absolutely love his stuff and most of JT's stuff. Seen him a couple
times but the last time was back in 1986 I believe. Broadsword tour. On a
side note, I met someone who claims to have met Ian and said he was one of
the biggest prima donnas he's ever encountered. Even supposedly going as
far as his handlers telling people never to try and look Ian in the eyes.

Anyone ever hear stuff like that about him?

ah yes those old wives tales...but it is a known fact that he rarely shakes
hands with unknown persons if seen out and about, instead he will allow the
shaking of an elbow. This is for fear of some undesirable giving him a hand
crush which as we all know, his hands are his livelihood.- Hide quoted text -

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I'm starting to wonder can he play Nuclear Warrior? Or is he just a