Re: Re-Creating A Legend: The Eric Clapton Crossroads Gibson 335

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Thought I'd 'share' this video with you guys....

It shows the Gibson guys recreating Eric Clapton's ES-335 guitar.

I found the video very interesting and enlightening....'and entertaining too!

I can't afford that kinda cash, can't even afford a 'mormal' 335, it being a few grand.

I wondered if there might be a sort of 335 'copy' out there that would be close to the Gibson's look and feel, and maybe I could get kinda close to the sound by installing a couple of burstbuckers. What do you think of this idea?

I thought maybe a real cheapie 335 'copy' like an Ibanez artcore (?) or even an Arbor AJ135.

Any thought on what would the best (cheap) guitar to re-create my own ES 335 "clone"? :)

I am not one to recommend lesser guitars as I don't want to be responsible should the item not pass muster. I don't know your fiscal position but would like to make you aware that Gibson makes two smaller-bodied versions of the esteemed 335; an ES-339 and a CS-336, the former constructed using laminated maple ala its parent, the latter using a one-piece carved mahogany back with a two-piece carved maple top. They are cheaper than the 335 but, unfortunately, not inexpensive. I am quite enamoured with my 336.

Also, what pickups might be cheaper than burstbuckers that I could use instead?

I know it's a real tall order, but I really do want that Cream/Clapton sound. Then there''s the Marshall amp of course!