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Hola everyone.  I just found out from the guitar player I was in a
college-band with that he might have the masters of some songs we
recorded in a local studio in 1992.  He says he thinks they are on
DAT.  Would it be difficult to somehow get the separate tracks into a
digital format (mp3?  something better?)  and import into Garageband
and drop some parts and add others??  That would be fun.  That
recording experience kinda scarred me (I was 20 at the time) and now
would play things differently (I was on bass at the time, but would
also like to add some guitar leads now).  This would a hobby venture,
so hopefully Garageband would be adequate.

Thanks for any advice!


Separate tracks, no, not unless you have them saved as separate
tracks. If so, each track should be transferred using the best quality
possible (that would be a .WAV file...or .AIFF if you are on a Mac).
Since CD are at 16bits/44.1KHz, you can get away with saving at that
resolution, but I would recommend saving at 24bits/48KHz and dithering
down to CD quality during your audio mixdown. You can then import them
into a sequencer (one track at a time), line them up so everything is
in time and unphased and add effects or dynamics on each existing
track or record new tracks to go along with it. If you only have a
stereo mix, then you can still do the same thing, but no need to line
anything up. Adding stuff will likely require some eq and dynamic
control to make it fit properly in the mix. There are quite a few
(near) free audio sequencers that will happily do the job such as
Audacity, N-Tracks, Muzys. Most support VSTi (these are instruments
and are great if you have a MIDI  interface) and VSTe (for effects on
your tracks).


Thank you, CS, Keith, Chris, and Dave. The git player is going to dig
the DATs up in his basement tonight. At most, there are about 16
songs. After reading all your comments, I'll be surprised if I can
separate the tracks, toss some aside and lay down new ones. Oh well,
I'll try to do SOMETHING with it and learn along the way.

By the way, the band I'm referring to was a band I was in during
college years in West Virginia. Started mostly with covers (REM, U2,
Police, Violent Femmes) and then started writing. I have uploaded 3
songs to soundclick!

Most soundclick links I see posted here have more on the end (maybe
going directly to a particular song?), but I'm not sure about that
yet. There is a link to the music on the page linked above. Anyhow,
17 years later, it's pretty safe to say I would do the bass parts
differently given the chance!
I think everyone can agree that it's hard not to cringe at some of the
choices (musical and otherwise) that you made as a kid!

Thanks for the info, fellas....