Re: Strats neck-swap

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J wrote:
I swapped the necks and the pickups on my strats the other night, but which 'looks' better? Swapped necks, or as they were?

Can't make up my mind. I think the burst looks nice with the maple neck, but the fiesta red strat looks a bit 'odd' to my mind.

Maybe it's just me.
Well, the sunburst is 3 colour and is usually associated with rosewood. The 3 colour sunburst was a later colour and Fiesta was introduced in the 50's. For me they look better in their original guises.

Fiesta and maple is lovely imo.


Maybe this is part of the 'problem'. I play blues/rock, and love the sound of this fiesta red with maple neck, but when folks see you bring this out onstage they think 'Hank Marvin'. Nothing against ole Hank, he's a great player, but the strat has that image these days. Nobody seems to be playing anything other than 'Shadows' music with these. It's got to the point of being embarrassing now. :) The 62 on the other hand allows me to play Rory, Jimi, Buddy et., no probs with the 'image' of the guitar.

Bother Buddy Guy and Buddy Holley used 57 Strats. To me the 3 tone and these two blokes doesn't gel. However I associate Fiesta red with Mark Knopfler (who actually went that way because he was inspired by Hank Marvin). Gilmour's red Strat was Candy Apple red.

TBH I wouldn't care what anyone thinks. Its just a Strat (or pair of). I have 3 Surf Green 50's RI, Ocean Turquoise 50's/60's hotrod hybrid and a Dakota Red 60's style Squier. I never worry if anyone might think I am going to play surf music on the 50's RI. Its just a good guitar.