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Bought *two* Fender guitars today from my local used instrument

(1) American Standard Telecaster, black, 2003/2004 judging by the
serial number. Stock. The action's a bit low and it's strung with
.009s but it's definitely got potential. I'll slap a set of Ernie
Ball skinny top/heavy bottom (.010-.052) strings on it, tweak it a
little, and we'll see how it does.

(2) DG-47S/12, acoustic 12-string. I was hesitant about a Fender
MIK acoustic but this one sounds and plays great! Nice, low
action. The intonation is nearly perfect. I can play barre chords
high up on the neck without anything sounding "off".

A while back I said I had three things on my GAS list. Two down,
one to go (lap steel).

Pics to come...

Iffy-quality pics here:

ah! now you have a real guitar finally! (Tele - slab of wood with
a neck sticking out). You gotta work for the tones - great stuff
to be had in there. You can't just hit big chords with humbuckers
anymore and have an easy time of it. <g>.

LOL! Actually I have more single-coil guitars than buckers (only two
out of 13 have full buckers), it's just that most of them aren't

Just razzing you. And you get great sounds with scale runs on those
wound strings. Ah - Teles are cool!

If you get tired of the hum then Dimarzio Area T neck and Area T
bridge. You're all set. (imho)

Putting that 10-52 set on there really brought that bottom out nicely.
With that set on, the action's a little higher, just the way I like it!
The intonation's slightly off but I'll let the neck settle in with the
new strings for a couple of days and give everything a final tweak.

After I got the new set on, I played it through my Twin and JCM800.
Wow, two totally different sets of sounds, both very good! I played it
through a Twin at the store but I didn't have it cranked very much. And
actually the hum isn't bad at all; I've got a few guitars that are much
worse that way.

Anyways good to hear you got the Telecaster.
Personally the American Teles from 2000 - 2007 are
some of the best playing teles ever made (that I've tried).
Easy to play necks and have that nice smooth satin finish.
Stainless frets should last a long time too.

I really, really, really like this guitar. It didn't shine at the store
like it has here, now that I have the heavier set of strings on it. It
feels like "mine", in a way that the Highway One Strat that I have never
has. In fact, I talked to the guy at the store about returning the
Highway One (I bought it at the same place). I'm thinking one way or
another, I'll get rid of it. It never spoke to me the way the Tele is.
And I've been saying I'll replace the pups but now I'm thinking that
won't necessarily satisfy me. So in the end, it will be a
Strat-for-Tele swap probably, unless I talk myself out of it tomorrow