Re: Double Fender score

RichL <rpleavitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

RichL <rpleavitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bought *two* Fender guitars today from my local used instrument store!

(1) American Standard Telecaster, black, 2003/2004 judging by the
serial number. Stock. The action's a bit low and it's strung with
.009s but it's definitely got potential. I'll slap a set of Ernie
Ball skinny top/heavy bottom (.010-.052) strings on it, tweak it a
little, and we'll see how it does.

(2) DG-47S/12, acoustic 12-string. I was hesitant about a Fender MIK
acoustic but this one sounds and plays great! Nice, low action. The
intonation is nearly perfect. I can play barre chords high up on the
neck without anything sounding "off".

A while back I said I had three things on my GAS list. Two down, one
to go (lap steel).

Pics to come...

Iffy-quality pics here:

ah! now you have a real guitar finally! (Tele - slab of wood with
a neck sticking out). You gotta work for the tones - great stuff
to be had in there. You can't just hit big chords with humbuckers
anymore and have an easy time of it. <g>.
Just razzing you. And you get great sounds with scale runs on those
wound strings. Ah - Teles are cool!

If you get tired of the hum then Dimarzio Area T neck and Area T bridge.
You're all set. (imho)

Anyways good to hear you got the Telecaster.
Personally the American Teles from 2000 - 2007 are
some of the best playing teles ever made (that I've tried).
Easy to play necks and have that nice smooth satin finish.
Stainless frets should last a long time too.