Re: GC celebrity encounter

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Forgot to mention...

My only other "encounter" was a planned meeting. I met a buddy and Roger
Fisher (Heart ) at a local GC. My friend was
trying out amps. I brought my main Strat (early '71 four bolt hardtail).
Roger didn't help my friend out much, because he spent his time playing my
guitar (no pick, finger style)! He commented on how nice the neck was
(refret by Mike Lull). He also played around with the active EMG setup,
because I had to point out that going to "10" was not flat... Roger is a
nice, "regular guy." Very laid back.>

But apparently not a very good singer.

Who cares, if you can play like that. I've only chatted with him online but
he seems like a genuinely nice person and a helluva great guitar player.