Re: Another guy faked out by some sock

jtees4 wrote:
On Tue, 16 Sep 2008 11:19:02 -0700, Kent Echoes <dmstek0@xxxxxxxxx>

Hello all. Long time lurker, very long time player (47 years! - Not that it
shows). Last time I played out was about 3 years ago, at an acoustic folk
festival....the first time in a long time and the stage fright didn't end when
the playing started! It reminded me of why I haven't played in public for years.
Seems like even when I was playing regular the nervousness just got worse
instead of better.

I'm one of those guys that's been watching this group occasionally for years,
maybe going back to around '95. Like others have mentioned, I've noticed in the
last year how things are going downhill here. It seems like several mentally ill
or disturbed individuals are fouling the waters and driving away the folks that
used to have some valuable input. Whatever happened to #####, for instance?
Looks like now 60% of the posts are by the same kind of sickos that have wrecked
many other groups that used to be worthwhile in varied fields of interest. I was
especially annoyed to see Mulay's disease is spreading from aga. Then you have
Romeo Rose who should be locked up in a padded cell (and probably will be soon,
if he lives that long) and all the flame wars these guys start every time they
appear. Really too bad but it seems the inmates are taking over the asylum, here
& everywhere. Just like the rest of the world, I'm afraid.

Just my 2 observation without solutions. Well, I have some
suggestions, but they'd just pollute the group even more, heh-heh....

You picked a fine time to joint should have spoke up back
when things were good around here :-). Welcome...we are not quite
ready to give up this group yet, however, many a good "people" has
already left.
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