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On Sep 10, 12:09 pm, Geetar Dave <e...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sep 9, 4:14 pm, "Dr. Zontar" <drzon...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Maybe that was me? I've had one for a few weeks, and it's the best $59
I've spent in ages. It raises the volume a little when on, but sounds
fantastic. Even the little plastic Dano "Chicken Salad" vibe is good
for $29. But it's worth the extra $30 to have a metal case, decent
jacks, and a true-bypass switch.

- Rich

Hi Rich.

Yep. That's it.
I thought it might be you, but I didn't want to unjustly implicate
you. ;^)

Out of curiosity, what's your opinion of the Uni-Vibe model on the
Line 6 MM-4?

2nd that emotion on the Vibe. Obviously I'm a dealer and can try lots
of things but the Dano Vibe is awesome and so much cheaper than a real
uni-vibe (which we also carry). If you are really strapped for cash,
the Chicken Salad as mentioned above, is pretty good.

Best, Jack

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