Re: Annoying high E string Q

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Tony Done <tonydone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

...And new pickups with adjustable pole pieces. I'm only half
joking, I wouldn't have a bar of any pickups that I couldn't adjust
the pole pieces.

Yep. That's one of the annoying aspects of my Highway One strat.

Yeah, I bet its got vintage stagger pole pieces <g> designed from a
wound rather than a plain third. I think Mark B said he liked this
odd imbalance, and maybe there are plenty of others who do. - But I
personally don't see why they persist with vintage stagger when
nearly everyone these days uses a plain 3rd string.

Indeed, it does have the vintage stagger. I hate it! I suppose if you
had nothing but Strats you could learn to compensate while picking, at
least while playing leads. But it bedevils me!

Just for anyone who is interested, the poles on cheap strat pickups
with plastic bobbins can be adjusted by simply pushing the alnico
slugs in and out. - I make acoustic soundhole pickups out of them,
balanced for phos bronze strings. However you can't do this with
traditional fibre endplate Fender pickups. This is because the coil
is wound directly onto the alnico slugs, and moving them will break
the coil wire - to say nothing of the whole pickup falling apart when
the alnico slugs come unglued from the endplate, been there, done

A pickup replacement's in order for me. It's just a matter of when I
can get the time to decide what I want and do it.