Re: Want to get rid of that WEREO asshat for good?

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Hermes <manningfan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Don't be bloody stupid. Scott Lifshine is awl that matters on this
newsgroup. One day, I hope to wake up in the morning and walk outside
of my house, confronted with an azure sky of deepest summer, people awl
around me smiling knowingly, the secret of all things dancing teasingly
in their eyes; peace and happiness on earth for one and for all, awl of
mankind dancing to the tune and harking unto the words of the Lifshine.

Aren't you the bucktoothed kewl Vampyre dude? Aren't you afraid of
mornings? I guess you'll have to enjoy them with Corky in jail,
because that's where you go when you commit Piracy.

We in the Anti-Wereo League approve of this message, and what this
fine gentleman is doing. If this is what is needed to stop Scotty's
spamming and bullying - and get him the psychiatric help he so obviously
needs - so be it.

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