Re: Favorite ensemble guitarists?

prs geek <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

You know, not the greatest shredder, but your favorite players in an
ensemble. You know, without them and their sometimes quirky and odd parts--
the band wouldn't be the same.

Just name a 3 so they aren't all taken up after 3 posts. I have tone more
than I listed, but Santana, Satch and Vai are those types are not allowed on
the list. The people I list are just as important to my own playing as any
Hendrix, Stevie, or whatever, if you get my drift.

Vamp should take John Frusciante... That one is hers and perfect for this

A few of mine would be:

Nels Cline (Wilco)
Elliot Easton (Cars)
James Honeman Scott (Pretenders)

ok - I won't mention the ones you already named or J Frusciante (even
though he is definitely on the list)

so my picks are:

Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
Neil Geraldo (Pat Benatar's husband/lead guitarist)
Neil Young (need I say more?)
Frank Zappa (anyone he played with)
Steve Cropper (anyone he played or recorded with)
James Burton (anyone he played or recorded with)
Dick Dale (c'mon now - you know his sound instantly)
and of course 'Pops' and Nil Rogers (Staple Singers and Chic)
some of the best rhythm funk/r&b players ever.