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Grinner wrote:

There was no systems programming element? Even for server side internet
programming you'd think they'd introduce C and ohter tools such as awk,
sed, grep for scripting.

None of that. I've taught myself most of it. I mainly use grep, but I'm
going to learn awk and sed and improve my bash scripting.

It's handy.

A few of the lecturers either implied or implicitly stated that pointers
are a bad thing, which also irritated me :)

Some people have trouble with them, they are just another 'type' though.
Reference rather than value. PASCAL introduces pointers pretty
painlessly. They should still teach Motoralla assembler afaic, though.

We did x86 assembly language. I wondered why they didn't teach 6800 or
Z80, which is what most teach. I used to use 6502 with my Commodore 64 :)

They were touting SunSparc ad most of te camous was anti microsoft, using
Macs. So motorola got the vote, a high end assembler is a good intro IMO.

I'll have to have a look at C#, sound intresting. VB is handy for
creating windows based GUI's and attaching to windows ODBC.

C# has a lot of new features, such as generics and the 'forall' keyword.
It's also heavily based on Java syntax. It's much faster, though.

One of those things that unless you buy the software you don't really get to
expereince it, it has taken off quite quickly.

"Polymorphism" is another catch phrase with OO. I think here now they are
mostly taching Oracle and at the subjects completion you can do the
Oracle accreditation coure, well in the grad courses at least, everything
seems to have a proprietry product focus. A lot of places have their
lecture notes on line and free to the world, I've downloaded a few notes
from MIT.

I've never used Oracle. The only relational databases I've used have been
the major open source ones, mySQL and PostGreSQL.

Must have a look at PostGreSQL, I've heard the name but not seen it.