Re: Longshot: Can you identify these pickups, maybe from the diagonal mounting tabs?

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Of course, these look like every humbucker from the back, but maybe
there's a telltale feature I don't recognize. They're old and they're
responsive. Haven't seen the diagonal-shaped tabs before...

I'm guessing Japanese, late 1970's, maybe Ibanez. I need more and
better photos to identify these pickups. Face, side, end, back,
serial or model numbers. Is that metalflake paint on the body? What
have you got?

Lulu : )

I'll check, Lulu -- thanks! Yeah, it's a newer Asian-made Hamer XT
double-cut, but with some old-ass pickups in it. Were those old Ibanez
pups (if that's what they are) generally good? This is a local
Craigslist guitar and I need to know whether to drive over and look at

These could be Hamer manufactured pickups. Eons ago, Hamers came with
actual Gibson humbuckers. Then they went to DiMarzio pickups made to
Hamer specs. I believe those have Alnico magnets. Some of the
American made XT's have Seymour Duncan pickups factory installed. A '
59 in the neck and a JB at the bridge. Give the guy a call and ask
some questions, then decide if it's worth the drive over.

Good Luck,
Lulu : )

I'll see what he says. He told me it's a newer guitar that he had
these old pickups put into, and the result was very toneful and
sustain-y -- better than the stock. But he didn't know much more.
Thanks Lulu!