Re: Wanted: Tabs for Cream's "As You Said"

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How do you play the main riff?

Well, I know from from listening and from the liner notes in the "Those
Were the Days" box set that the guitar is tuned to an open tuning.
As far as I can tell tell, the tuning is D A D A A D, or something
close to that. There are two acoustic guitars playing slightly
different parts. I think the riff is something like this:


That should give you a start. I can check out some other parts of it,
if you like.

The lyrics:

As You Said
by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown
from the album Wheels of Fire, by Cream

Let's go down to where it's clean
To see the time that might have been.
The tides have carried off the beach.
As you said,
The sun is out of reach.

Let's go back to where it's clean
To see what year it might have been.
The roads have carried off the smiles.
As you said,
To judge them at the trials.

Let's go back to now that's bad
To see the time we might have had.
The rails have carried off the trains.
As you said,
I'll never come again, again,
Again, again.