1938 Martin D28 goes for $47,000

On 12/12/05 2:13 PM, in article FRknf.7186$Kf4.6769@xxxxxxxx, "Carl Rothman"
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> When I bought my '64 D-28 in 1964, it was "common knowledge" that Martin had
> increased production numbers of their models to meet the new folkie-era
> demand, that quality was sacrificed for quantity, and that if you wanted a
> "real" Martin you should invest in a "pre-war" model.

You might find this interesting: A 1938 Martin D28 just sold on eBay for $47
grand. No special history to the instrument, but the story of the sale got
picked up by the local TV station well before the close, and the bidding got
real nuts.