Sterno and the Flames (early 70's)

Back when I was a kid there was this band that used to play at our local
country club quite often (Central California Coast). I was too young to go
into the bar so I never saw them play. But they must have been pretty good
because they had them several times a year.
The name of the band was "Sterno and the Flames". They played upbeat early
rock style and wore these outrageous wigs that looked liked huge pompadours
that came to a cone shaped point in the front. Funny as hell but had a real
eye catching appeal.
The band hung out and we encountered some of them around the pool etc. They
were always real cool and friendly. Sure wish I could have seen their act.
For some odd reason they popped into my head today. has anyone ever heard
of them or better yet, might one of the members peruse this NG? Just curious
if any info pops up.
Hank L.