Re: Slightly OT: What do you all think of this set list?

<jroberts258@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I would think that would be a tough setlist to pull off. In my
> experience, people who are really into music would rather hear
> something original, while the sheep all want to hear "something they
> know" (i.e. Sweet Home Alabama, Thunderstruck, etc.). I'm not sure
> what kind of a niche there is for obscure cover tunes.

Well wev'e been pulling it off for a little while now. Like I said in an
earlier post it's all about execution and a good beat. I think the list has
enough standards to keep them interested. I would like to add some more
standards but definitely not Sweet Home Alabama or Free-Bird. I think you
are underestimating the "sheep" well at least around here they seem to be
open to obscure stuff. Not sure about where you are so I can't speak to it.
But generally you are correct about musicians vs. sheep.

Like I said though if you give em a good show most people won't care if your
up there with pots and pans and a kazoo. IMO