Re: review of Elixer strings

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>>> That's unfortunate.
>>> I was considering trying some electric sets for my gigging guitars.
>>> But if they physically don't last any longer than a normal set, why
>>> bother?
>> I dunno about electrics - but on the acoustic my take on things is that
>> they do seem to keep their tone longer than normal strings, BUT
>> physically don't last any longer after all. AND the tone is slightly
>> duller to begin with too. So I don't bother anymore. But if you play a
>> lot and have sweaty hands they might work real well.
> I found the electric strings sounded good longer. They never sound quite
> as bright as uncoated strings, but they keep that hours old tone for days
> or even weeks. I started using them as a way to fight the
> stick-to-your-strings thing that happens in high humidity, and found that
> I no longer had to change them every day or two. They do break, but so do
> uncoated strings. For people like me who kill the tone long before the
> string breaks, they are not a bad option. Just as an aside, they seem to
> bend more easily .. don't know why.
> Don

I should mention I really like the feel of the strings. Smooth and slick.
Easy to bend, perhaps because of the coating, they slip over the frets when
bending, easier. I like how they felt, all the way up to the point of my d
string coming unravelled. Or uncoated, or whatever it is...