Re: Does this progression make sense?

On 20 Jul 2005, "Tom Lenz" <astonishNoSpam at lakotanetwork dot com>
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> I think it sounds sort of OK. I figured if I could verify that it
> was part of a known type of progression it would have a greater
> chance of being right.

I wouldn't call it a known progression, exactly, but it seems to make
some musical sense. It depends on the melody.

> I had a feeling Db might be more appropriate than C# but why are
> you saying Ab? I've got the charts to the thing, minus these
> chords I'm asking about and some others. The key signature has Bb,
> Eb, and Ab. That means it's in Eb I was thinking.

It starts and ends on Ab, and it just sounds Ab-ish to me. That doesn't
mean it can't travel to other keys at any time, it just means that it
starts and settles down at the end there. Key signature isn't
necessarily the final word on the subject.

Did you write this tune or what? The changes remind me of something
Steve Swallow might write.